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The Formula:
1. You create real value by promoting your Troublemaker
2. Your “internet famous” Troublemaker is valuable to us, so we buy it
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4. We maintain our own value independent of bear or bull markets!

Share your Troublemaker online in funny and creative ways and we’ll buy it back for 30 times mint price.

After our public sale closes (6 SOL), start sharing your Troublemaker online in funny and clever ways, and we’ll buy it back for 24 or 180 SOL. We are dedicating 23,400 SOL towards this initially, then 50% of royalties forever! You HOLD and POST. We BUY. Everyone makes crazy gains!

For social media posting, it’s not always about the most views (although views are good). We want fun! We are looking for clever ideas and internet magic! Things that we can build on to give our Troublemakers a lasting and special place on the web.

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